The single largest alternative investment summit in the retail investor industry

This is what it looks like to gather 40-plus successful investors and alternative-investment industry experts to lead one information-filled, strategy-revealing weekend. Hereís an overview of our education-packed schedule, which spans more than 30 hours and includes topics and speakers never before on our stage.

Bonus Sessions
Thursday, September 18
9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
How to Give Yourself an Automated Deal Making Engine Thatís Fast, Easy and Profitable - Jason Palliser, of REI Blackbook, will provide a step-by-step tour of how computer software can benefit your real estate investments--from finding properties to marketing real estate for sale.

1:15 P.M. - 4:15 P.M.
How to Become a Real Estate Day Trader and Grow Your Retirement Account Faster Than You Ever Imagined; and How to Earn 119% to 788% returns on your money - Larry Goins shares how to buy and sell houses the same day. You can do this by phone, fax, email and internet without leaving the house. Start out part-time, full-time or in your spare timeóin any market! His strategies will also show you how to make more money on a rundown $5000 house, that no one else wants, than most investors make on a $100,000 house.

Monday, September 22
1:15 P.M. - 4:15 P.M.
Where to Get the Money Now - Jay Conner (best-selling author, real estate entrepreneur and investment expert) will provide an in-depth review of how to utilize the private lending concept. He will share his secrets on how to maximize your return.

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Inside the Self-Directed IRA Industry

Equity Trust CEO Jeff Desich shares the latest in successful self-directed IRA trends and gives you an inside look at whatís happening behind the doors at Equity Trust.
Turn a $500 Self-Directed IRA into $20,000+ in a Year

The rumors are true: You can make a self-directed real estate investment with as little as $500! Join the "Real Estate Goddess" Vena Jones-Cox as she leads you through strategies that require little upfront capital, such as wholesaling, that could pay off big in the end. She shows how a $500 account opened after last yearís conference grew to $20,000 in less than a year.
Inside the Minds of Self-Directed IRA Millionaires

What does it take to lock up millions of dollars for retirement? A panel of clients with seven figures (or more), returns with this popular session to share how they've built their wealth doing transactions that nearly any investor can do.
Newbies That Rock

We've brought back one of the conference's perennial favorites, proving once again that you don't need to be a seasoned investor to complete profitable deals. Meet a few successful clients who have only been self-directing their investments for a couple of years or less. Find out what it took for them to become educated and confident to make their first investments - and win.
The Ultimate Speed Networking Session

A highlight every year, attendees participate in an intense, productive and efficient networking session. Make the most of this time to connect with other investors!
Keynote Address: Special Announcement Coming Soon!

**Subject to change**
Are You Maximizing Your Potential for Retirement Riches? 3 Strategies Most Investors Ignore and Why They Shouldn't

You might be surprised to learn all the ways you can invest in what you know while potentially saving on your tax bill. Additionally, you might be amazed at all the types of self-directed savings accounts available. Join John Bowens, Equity University's National Education Specialist as he opens your eyes to the different ways you can potentially earn tax-free or tax-deferred income and how you can find more money to make investments to help boost your financial future.
Inside the Strategies of Advanced Real Estate Investors

Take your real estate investing to the next level with this roster of strategies that savvy clients are using to create wealth. Our panel will reveal how they've profited from real estate transactions including LLCs, combining funds, wraps, subject-tos, and more.
Whatís the Deal with Investing with Crowdfunding?

According to proponents of an up-and-coming investment strategy, partnering on deals is so "yesterday." Investors today are enlisting entire crowds to complete an investment. Explore how you could leverage crowd funding to raise capital for your deals or how you can find and invest in crowd funding opportunities.
IRA Rules Rundown: Why Being Legal Can Be More Profitable

One of the keys to making the most of your self-directed IRA is maintaining the letter of the law. John Bowens from Equity Trust will review the rules to maintaining your account to help you avoid unnecessary taxes and penalties so you can keep more of what you've earned.
No-Nonsense Guide to Non-Recourse Lending

Anyone who has completed a self-directed transaction knows that they come with their own set of rules. The same can be said for securing a loan to make a self-directed deal. Join experienced non-recourse lenders as they explain how non-recourse loans work, the pros and cons of using them, and the potential taxes that could be incurred.
Secrets of the Self-Directed Investor of the Year

Be prepared to be dazzled and inspired yet again. You won't want to miss this session where we introduce our 2013 Self-Directed Investor of the Year and the runners-up. The clients will reveal the deals that earned them their title and share ideas you could possibly use in your own self-directed investing.
Tax Lien Investing - The Power It Can Have on Building a Diversified (and potentially more profitable) Portfolio

Tax liens can be a profitable way to expand your portfolio, but first you need an understanding of how the investment process works. Join seasoned tax lien experts for a top-to-bottom look at how tax lien sales and auctions work, the available providers and services in the tax-lien industry, potential outcomes of your tax lien investments, and how to get started.
How To Kill Your Competition Knowing These Fundamentals

Your local real estate market is full of a number of independent factors that, when combined, can have a big impact on the success of your investments. Find out what factors make up this real estate industry perfect storm and how you can navigate it for the benefit of your self-directed investments.
Rehabbing Revelations: Creative Ways to Make Sure Your Contractors Are Working to Make Your Rehabs Profitable

Discover how to get even more profit out of your next real estate rehab. An Equity Trust client, experienced real estate agent, and investor will walk you through the various strategies she uses to hire the right contractors, make properties attractive to buyers, and sell the end product for the best possible price - all in her IRA.
Innovative Tax Strategies for Investors & 2014 Tax Update

Are you minimizing your tax liability and maximizing profits? Are there deductions available that you arenít taking advantage of and what 2014 changes could affect me? Should you create a small business for your investing? Experienced CPAs Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland from Keystone CPA provide insights on these topics and more. Note: Special focus will be made for real estate investors.
How to Start Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Find Out Why it Might Be Easier Than You Think

Have you been curious about commercial real estate investing but too intimidated to make a deal? Take the unknown out of the process by hearing from clients with years of experience making successful commercial transactions. They'll share their formula for finding an investment-worthy commercial property, financing the deal, and profiting by having the right strategy in place.
From Non-Performing to Profits: Distressed Mortgages

If you realize the potential in distressed properties and notes, why not look into combining the two? Discover why investors are interested in this niche and the latest numbers associated with distressed properties that could offer insight into what's in store for the market.
How to Invest Like a Mobile Home Mogul

Networking Nightcap

Join fellow attendees for a couple of hours of relaxing, but potentially profitable, conversations at the resort.
**Subject to change**
Success Stories of Hands-off Investors

If taking an active, hands-on role in your self-directed IRA isnít your speed, these Equity Trust clients can show you how you can still profit while being more passive. Discover how they work with, and vet, others to execute profitable investment strategies with their self-directed IRA.
Super-Sized IRAs: Inside the SEP, SIMPLE and Solo 401(k)

If you're looking for ways to contribute more (and potentially have larger tax deductions) to your retirement account, the government may have the answer. We'll delve into small-business retirement accounts including the SEP and SIMPLE IRAs and show you how they can potentially magnify your wealth building. Think you don't qualify for a small-business account? You might be surprised.
Unique Self-Directed IRA Investments: How Creativity Resulted in Success

Self-Directed IRAs are not just for basic real estate investments. Creative investors have shown that itís possible to think-outside the box itís to achieve success for your IRA. Equity Trust clients reveal their unique strategies and investments during this session that is perfect for those looking to take a different approach with their IRA.
How to Use Other People's Money for your Investments

There is a nearly endless supply of money out there that could be used for self-directed investments; do you know how to find it and (legally) put it to use? Attorney Kim Lisa Taylor does, and she'll reveal how investors can find and raise funds to do more deals. She'll also discuss how to do the proper due diligence to help ensure the deals are not only profitable, but safe.
Probate Property Primer

Probate properties offer you the potential to help people in a tight situation while helping to build your savings.
Making Your Real Estate Investing a True Business Ė Lawyer, CPA, and Real Estate Entrepreneur Reveals His Secrets

Take your real estate investing to the next level by turning it into an efficient, well-run business with some simple, yet vital, legal and accounting techniques from an expert. Discover how to set your business up for success, so you can focus on real estate investing.
How to Be a Mortgage Originator

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